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Monday, June 16, 2014

Missionary work needs members, harvesting, and miracles

Happy Father’s Day Papsies. 

I hope it was wonderful. Thanks to the recognition Mexico gave fathers all around the world, they closed a very important highway and made it very difficult for me to get to where I needed to go on Sunday. But I kept love in my heart thinking of you. rofl. The good thing is we brought a less active of 13 years with us and she knows EVERYTHING. And plus she like paid for our whole transportation - so kind. But I really don’t like when people pay for me when they literally DON’T have money. Mexicans really are way more charitable than us North Americans. haha, sorry. 

So like I said... well I didn’t say it, but we went to a Stake Conference this Sunday and Saturday and on THURSDAY we had a Zone Conference, all because a member of the Seventy came to Mexico. He is truly a special witness of Christ. I can really see that. But man, he sure got us all in trouble. Hahahaha. So we had a really fantastic Zone Conference learning about how we can work better with the members. The work has already changed. If we haven’t changed yet, that is our own problem. So we need to help the members change, and get in the groove of this new point in church history. NOW is the time when members and missionaries come together and work TOGETHER to bring more souls unto Christ. 

We did practices. The spirit was super strong and fantastic. You can really tell that Elder Johnson has dedicated his time and talents for this cause. And it is such a fantastic example for us as missionaries. 

But then on Sunday he had two sister missionaries go up in front of the whole Stake to do a role-play of what they had learned on Thursday in the zone conference.... and the poor sister missionaries didn’t do as well as they could have and it was awkward. So all of the missionaries in my stake came together that night to work on things some more until we just about cried. It was super sad and our President was disappointed and then we got home super late because I live far away from the Stake Center. Haha but HEY, THAT’S THE MISSION. 

The Lord truly is preparing souls. We are called to find these prepared souls and help them make eternal covenants with their Eternal Father. He basically prohibited us from "planting". We are only allowed to "harvest". So that is going to be a struggle. But hey, if a 70 says we can do it, we can do it. After all, the voice of the Lord is the same as his servants. So the Lord really does have high expectations here in Mexico. Unfortunately we aren't achieving or reaching these goals. But with a little bit more faith, I am SURE we can do it. 

This week we also found a few new people! They are fantastic. But it is super hard to find people here. I don’t know why. They like run away right when we get to their house or something. STUPID SCHOOL AND WORK, WHY CAN’T EVERYONE JUST BE A BUM AND LIVE ON THE STREETS SO THAT I CAN TEACH THEM LIKE ALL DA TIME? 

G., the baptized girl, is doing great. We really saw a miracle with her. She needed a blood donor for her handicapped son because he was going to have a surgery. But, after like weeks of looking, she didn’t find a single person that was willing. She told us the DAY BEFORE the surgery. And we, obviously, can’t do anything like that. But we gave her a blessing and told her to have faith that the Lord would provide. And so we told her we would look for someone. The whole day we were looking and finally found someone! But atfer a few hours he called us and canceled because when he told his mom she got mad and said he couldn’t go. So at this point it was like 8 at night and we were like WHOOOOOO? We had asked like all of the active members we knew and NO ONE could. So we were in a lesson and my comp felt impressed to ask a less active and two investigators if they were willing to go like at 8:50 at night and I was like WE GOOOTTTA GOOOOOOOO. And they were like, well... sure of course we can. And we were sooo happy. We called G. and she was CRYING tears of joy. I was so happy she could see the tender mercies of the Lord in her life. Miracles. 

Well, the other investigator that wanted to get baptized now told us that after going to the baptism from last week, she is terrified of the water and doesn’t want to get baptized. We might have to drug her and pull her down under. But that’s just fantastic, right???? hahahhaha LOVE IT.

Love you all so much. The work of the Lord has already hastened. So if you aren’t aware, CATCH UP and lend a helping hand - TALK TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS. Just give them the CHANCE to hear the invitation. That's all. And you will see miracles.

Con Amor, 
Elder Macdonald

the city streets

more city

and thats all. sorry. forgot I owned a camera this week.

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