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Monday, July 14, 2014

Bumps in the road, Preach My Gospel, and loving the work.

Howdy folks in the US of A.

Okay this dumb computer isn’t letting me put the pictures here so I might not send pics... hahaha SORRY. Who knows... Next week?

Well, I am really loving my area. We have a super hectic week up ahead of us. Our investigator that is going to get baptized got bronchitis and we are worried we won’t get to teach everything before the interview on Friday. Pray for A. L. I have faith that she will get baptized. She couldn’t even come to church because she was so sick. CRAP. Why do things like this always happen last minute? Trials of our faith, I presume. So every day this week we are going to teach her a whole lot because we already made baptism initiations and announced it in church and everyone already knows.... hahahaha soo… 

Okay sorry I had to change computers. The one I had, had a virus and it wasn’t letting me put pictures in the emails. Haha.

So yeah the baptism is like super, extremely stressful and we are worrying and shaking in our boots. But I have faith. I know that God will provide a way. 

There is a child playing videos games very loudly RIGHT BEHIND ME. grrrsss.

Want to hear something extremely awesome. I ate at PANDA EXPRESS. I am telling you... my area has EVERYTHING. I find new tender mercies everyday. I converted my companion to become a Panda lover. Apparently they are new in Mexico and he had never eaten there before.

This Sunday was fantastic because we got to assign the TALKS. I am really good at picking talks. Haha. We assigned 2 less active members and 1 new member that just arrived in the ward. They all talked about the importance of missionary work. But they all talked about it in its different aspects. And then after their talks my comp talked. The last month I gave the talk so it was his turn. He was super excited. I was too because I HATE talks. I love assigning them, but I don’t like giving them. Even as a missionary. Talks are just not fun to give. They are fun to prepare, but not to give. The spirit was super great in that sacrament meeting and everyone learned a lot. But 2 very important investigators didn’t come which made us very sad. But the other two investigators that we have did come and they are going to get married in 2 WEEEEKS. Ahhh I am sooo stoked. They are fantastic. Super stoked about being baptized. And the two classes after sacrament meeting were about baptism. So it was like the icing on the cake. After church we taught a missionary prep type class. It was more to train the members on how to give the missionary lessons after baptism. They all have to buy a Preach my Gospel for their homework. I am a nice teacher. And they have to read a lot. Super nice. So I assign the same homework to YOU ALL. Buy a PMG.... and read the first lesson in chapter 3. Study it, Pray about it, and learn how to teach it. Preach My Gospel is such a fantastic tool that helps us NOT BE AFRAID to teach. 

Okay. Running late on time. We went to like 50 hospitals this week. And my comp is doing better, which is good. Someone told him he needed to talk to a psychologist. And I LOL'd. I def agree. Hahahha JUST KIDDING OKAY. But it was funny.

So I am super happy. We are finding, teaching, and baptizing #thisweeekenddd bababababay. The mission is the greatest. It is weirding me out hearing of all these missionaries coming home. YIKES. Can’t believe how fast it goes. It’s really sad actually. #thecircleoflifeistheworst

I have to come down next summer for a bunch of sealings in the temple. So we will organize that another day... hehehehe. COME ON LET’S GOOO.

I hope you all are enjoying your fantastic summer break. I love you all and miss you and am so happy to be with y’all for eternity. Be good. The gospel is the best. I am so blessed to be teaching it 24/7. Even in my sleep. It’s restless. I can’t remember anything else. 

The work is pressing forward. We didn’t have time to find new people this week because we focused on the girls that have dates... And Satan is putting stumbling blocks in the way so it doesn’t happen. Just gotta keep working so we prove him WRONG. #akaawkward.

Les AMO CON TODO MI CORAZON.. #habloespañol
Elder Macdonald

the volcanos

Elder Macs' nickname at home is Momo. 


Estadio Azteca

It hailed on us SO HARD AND IT HURT. hahahah #wetliving

eating in paradise. 

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