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Monday, July 7, 2014

Nostalgic about the mission and who God really is.

What a crazzzy weeek.

We found 10 new investigators to teach! And they are all pretty awesome!!!

So it was the Fourth of July and I totally didn’t even remember it at all. It was super funny and strange because I had to go to immigration on the Fourth of July and be rejected as a Mexican resident because I am an American. And then I started waving an American flag all around and all the Mexicans got peeved.

Just kidding. But I really went on the Fourth of July and got to hang out with a bunch of American missionaries. Haha. Elder W. and I had to go get fingerprinted and it was super dramatic because we got there 2 minutes before they closed, and so the workers got mad and made up an excuse telling us that we didn’t complete a form so we had to come back another day, earlier in the morning. haha RUDE. So this week I will return to immigration just to be rejected another time. Fantastical.

I hope you 4th of julio was guuureeeaaat. Jealous that I didn’t get to see a bunch of Fireworks.

Oh yeah. Also this week we had to go see a doctor cause my comp is a little bit sick and it’s a little bit painful where he is sick so we had to go. AND so we got to go to the temple! But the doctor totally stood us up and we had to go wandering around Aragon to find his clinic. ahha. It was super chafa, BUT fun. We definitely were lost. I have never walked those streets and we didn’t have a map. But eventually we found it. My comp has to be super careful so that he won’t need to have surgery. He had hemorrhoids recently and so its just a beautiful thing. Poor guy. But yeah.. We have to go next week too.

If you couldn’t catch the gist, I lost 2 whole days of work because we traveled the city. And this week we are going to lose 2 whole days again plus another because we have a super long zone conference tomorrow.


Haha. Really. I hate NOT working as a missionary. It makes me feel sick and bad and worthless and stupid. But when we work super hard everyday to the point of exhaustion I feel super good. So I am a little bit worried to get home and not do anything, or better said to not have anything to do. Just make sure I have things to do and places to go and people to see. I might just go with the missionaries every day until I go back to school. #misiónwithdrawals.

We found an amazing family of 5 this past week. They are a family with even more people but the other people don’t want anything to do with the gospel right now. But it’s okay. We are focusing on these 5. They all were super surprised to understand that GOD has a body of flesh and bone. And that Jesús Christ is his son. I love teaching people the truthfulness of Gods nature. It is such comforting doctrine to KNOW that our Heavenly Father is like us. We can understand WHY we are the way we are. Why we are doing the things we do. Its helps us understand the WHY to everything and the purpose of our life. It helps us find ourselves. Its helps us realize that God is a tangible being and we can return to his presence. God loves us so much. He PLANNED for us to be LIKE Him. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to learn. And He wants us to trust in His Son, our Brother, Jesús Christ.

Although I am totally respectful of the beliefs of EVERYONE, I don’t think that I can accept believing that people who say they know God, know God, if they don't truly understand WHO God is and HOW He is. We can’t have faith in something that isn’t true. (Alma 32:21) Our message is SO IMPORTANT. Never be afraid to share these beliefs with others. Help everyone understand who their Heavenly Father is. Help them understand their purpose. The restored góspel has given us the knowledge that we have. If Joseph Smith hadn't seen the Father and the Son, we still wouldn’t know that God has a body of flesh and bone, and that His Son is a completely different being. Thanks to the Restoration of the Gospel, we can understand who, how, and what God is.

So share the góspel my friends and family.

Yesterday was awesome because our Ward misión leader finally came back to church and has time to be an active member.... hahah funny right?

ALSO because A. came to church, we literally put a calendar of every plan necessary before her baptism on the 19th. We wrote on a chalkboard every lesson she still needs and when and what time we will teach her with her husband. WOOOHOOOO! She is super awesome.

R. also was home and we found her and she will get baptized the following week after A. L. She is soo excited and has a testimony that GOD wants her to be baptized, like, NOW. hahaha. I love it.

This work is soooo true.

I had a totally awesome bible bash with a Jehovás Witness. hahahahahaha and I WAS on intercambios with a newbie Elder from Utah that doesn’t understand a lick of Spanish. SO I was ALL ON MY OWN. Hahahaha. jk. I didn’t bible bash. But she was a little tootie with me.. Can’t live with em , but you can’t live with out them.

The church is sooo true. I love the misión and am feeling nostalgic about leaving the misión, it’ll be so strange. I cried after high school, I cried after college, and I WILL cry after the misión. So just be prepared for an unstable and awkward RM. It might be worse than after getting my wisdom teeth out.

OHHHH. We are totes gonna have an awesome wedding this month. YAYAYAYAYY. A. is the daughter of a less active that we have been teaching and she and her husband are married by the Catholic church but its isn’t legal..... WEIRD??? Not in Mexico. So we are totes gonna marry the crap out of those kids and chuck them in the wáter so they don’t have any free time to escape.

LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Summer is ending. Enjoy it.


Scout, good boy. ..... I love that he didn’t pee in the car!! What a pup. (yes, there is a story behind this remark.)

It rains so much in Mexico. I literally drown. And slide down the hills. Crazy!!

Best breakfast. eggos and huevos.

So many missionaries in the METRO. But you can't even see. dumb flash

Made some nachos. so Mexican American


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