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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mexico is out of the World Cup, and by small and simple things can a ward be united.

Hahahha Dad - that was the dumbest letter you have ever sent me. I almost didn’t understand what you were saying. But whateeevr.  (In Eric’s defense – he was sound asleep when I brought him the laptop to write to Matt.)

WELL THIS WEEK WAS SUPER GOOD. We taught lots of people. The 4 people that have fechas to be baptized are sooo awesome and great. We have LOTS of references to work with and a few new investigators. It RAINED A LOT. The rain wiped away all of the smog and pollution and contamination and it is super pretty in the DF (District Federale). Who would’ve thought? 

Okay well the Mundial, World Cup, scared me a lot because yesterday because Mexico LOST. And I was worried that someone was gunna knife me. Literally. ALL THAT EXSISTED THIS WEEK  - IT WAS SOCCER, SOCCER, AND MORE SOCCER. People ate soccer for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner... But now that they lost there is a silent mourning taking place here in Mexico. I think they will get over it by Christmas time. 

I really enjoy being able to do exchanges with all the Elders in my district. I have so many that I have to do exchanges at least once a week, and sometimes twice a week. This week I went with Elder M. He is the first elder here in Mexico from Panama!! He was comps with my other comp Elder T. Haha. It was soo fun. He is such a ball of energy. I learned a lot of great things from him. He even laughs at my jokes, which made me like him more. It’s a privilege to be able to get to know so many different missionaries. And I loved getting to know his area and the many people that they teach. The work is soo true and real in any part of the world!!

A. L. is perfect, we taught her once this week and she responded perfectly to every question we threw at her. But she and her husband ran away (probably because Mexico lost) and didn’t go to church and didn’t go to the other appointment that we had. WHAT THE HECK. I was ticked. hahaha. But it’s okay. She WILL be baptized on the 12th of July.

We have been visiting SO MANY less active members. It is really such a tough work trying to get the less-actives to go to church. I have come to a conclusion that people don’t go to church because they have their own little personal problems. EVERYONE blames other people. But it is an excuse. So yeah. We need a church psychologists. We actually have one... But he doesn’t go to church either... Hahahhaa. I don’t know how to fix it. But we saw a lot of improvement on Sunday. The Bishop spoke in sacrament meeting and it was really powerful. I LOVED IT. Everyone was able to meditate the words he said. And THEN WE HAD A GREAT ACTIVITY. We taught a mission lesson to the whole ward and asked them... "what names came to your mind while listening to this lesson"... and we have at least 25 new people to teach!!! But the silly member didn’t know the addresses.... hahahahha. So we have to go back and ask all of the members to either come with us or give us the address. It was a super great class and everyone loved it and felt the spirit. By small and simple things... this ward will become united.

We had a FANTASTIC lesson with A. She is awesome but is ALWAYS BUSY. So annoying. It makes my life stressful. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. She was without words. She actually said... "every time that you guys teach me something new, I feel like the veil is going away... WE DIDN’T EVEN TEACH ABOUT THE VEIL. WE FORGOT. hahahahha. It as like UHHHH. PERFECT. She really is so chosen and ready to be baptized. But her personal life is super complicated with legal issues and a house and other people that want the house but she really owns the house and it’s difficult. But she does want it. She just can’t go to church. Dang it. 

We had to teach a member that women can’t be prophets. Her sister is a Seventh Day Adventist.... hahahahaha. triste miembro.

Elder W. is back in my zone. He keeps following me. hahaha. He is a district leader! yay! Other fun people in the zone and it’ll be a super fun change..

I don’t remember anything else. Sorry. My emails are getting more boring and more boring. I have been doing this for 17 months. Give me a break. 

Elder Macdonald

Lots of rain this week


RIVER. The only real river in Mexico City.

Me and Beethoven

looking for a super rich guy 

Museum. We went today

cool Italian picture... I thought of Kates

A Mexican museum wouldn't be real if there wasn't a virgin.

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