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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weddings, baptisms, and the beauty of God's creations.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA KOCH. SO GLAD THAT THE TREE DIDN’T KILL YOU! (Micro burst in Spokane knocked an old oak tree down while Papa was mowing the lawn)

Felicidades prima Parry. I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ARE HOME. A year and a half went by so extremely fast and it is scary. The mission just ends. And it’s super sad and weird. Hahahhahaha HOPE YOU`RE HAPPY. Seriously you're so awesome and such an inspiration to many. Come sneak down to Mexico and try to find me. 

This week was literally power filled. We went to get some kids married! It was awesome. Sooo funny. So this judge does the favor for like 500 pesos, which is super cheap compared to other places. So we had to travel super far and get this work done. And we did it. Since every missionary goes to this judge, they all leave the pass along cards in the tables and the walls with the names of the investigators written on it and the date of when they got married. Haha so we did it and now we are famous. #hollaratchyourboi. When they got married they got all teary eyed and they really do love each other. So that was a little bit weird and uncomfortable but very nice at the same time. They took us out to eat tacos. YUM. I love tacos. So A. is all ready to get baptized. Hoping she does this week.

Then on Wednesday I had to go to immigration for the 17 hundredth time and it was super annoying but fun because I saw Elder W. and G. Probably the last time I see them until we finish the mission. That’s crazy. They seem to be doing well. It took forever to do everything and to wait for everyone. We got home super late and couldn`t teach much.

The rest of the week we had to worry about the baptismal interviews. But R. M. passed and it was super exciting because we had the baptism on Saturday. The baptism was FANTASTIC. The spirit was sooo strong. Everyone loved it and just commented on how fantastic it was. Even the Mission President came. He had revelation, so he knew it was going to be so good, and so that’s why he went. Hahahha not. When I saw him it scared me and I was like.... okay... pressure, but it all turned out well. So this is the funny ward that doesn’t know what a special musical number is. So we had a great idea... My comp wanted to sing this time so we did a bilingual musical number. He started out in Spanish and then the next verse I started to sing in English and it was hilarious because of this.... So the first verse a bunch of members and children were trying to sing along with my comp and were looking throughout the hymn book to find the song..... and finally when they found it, they started singing more loudly, I started to sing in English and they were all like..... UHHHHHHHHHHHH WHAT SONG IS THIS? hahahahahhaha. It was so good. Stumped them. #besmart. But the spirit was super strong and everyone was in love with the song. And then R. M. was baptized by her son in law. It was just all in all super good. Even the talks were good. I am just good at coordinating baptisms. Hit me up. I'll do it for a biznus. 

Then on Sunday lots of investigators came. Like 5 or 6. It was fun to see them all get there and learn so much. This week we are hoping to baptize 2 more, if they pass their interviews.  One of them doesn’t want to share her baptism and I’m super mad at her. Hahaha. jk she doesn’t know I’m mad at her, but she is making the whole baptism thing really complicated. Just think about at the Day of Pentecost when hundreds of people were baptized on the same day. It’s a lot cooler - but whatever. I’M SOO STOKED FOR THEM TO GET BAPTIZED. It’s the last week of the change, so if they change me, it’ll be good to see the fruits of my labors. Love it. 

 Today we went to a place called LOS DINAMOS. It was awesome. It is a super big long hike to a bunch of little waterfalls and creeks and it’s beautiful and I feel super blessed that it is in my area. We all almost died falling in the water and I was freaking out that one of the missionaries was going to die and I was going to be blamed and so it just made me a little bit scccuuuuured. it was a lot of fun and we enjoyed that break to be in the wilderness today out among the beauty of God’s creations. Enjoy the photos. 

Well everything else is just the mission- Lots of good things happening. I love my area. Even though I didn’t think I would, I DO. Hahaha - Funny how that always works out. Enjoy your last vacation. Enjoy Mack. Tell her to not forget about me. Tell her to go help the missionaries out everyday. Love yaaa. bai

Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald


All the missionaries leave notes about their investigators that get married. It's awesome. I made history....

signing her life away...


so many houses

going on hikes

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