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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New area, old comp/new comp - great friend!

WOWWOWOW hey guys.

SO uhh super sorry I didn’t write you yesterday. But for now on my p-day is on Tuesday. I was assigned to be a Zone Leader and our p-days are on Tuesdays. But other days it changes to Monday and so just be patient if I randomly don’t write you when you expect. Haha. (Patient is my middle name says his mom – haha)

SOOOOOO my comp is freakin awesome. Guess who it is... ELDER R. It is my buddy from Chinampas - my first area. We started the mission together. And now we get to work together for a few months. It is going to be awesome.

Tuesday, we went to the changes and everyone was like “hey congrats”.. and I was like “why?” And then I found out I was assigned to be a Zone Leader, so that’s why. So I got to help with the changes and tell everyone where they were assigned to go.

So far it has been super awesome. My area is fantastic. The area is called Iztacalco. I am in a WARD that functions. The Bishop is a hoot and such a good guy. The church building is beautiful. And there are like 150 members that assist every week. So that’s pretty good for our mission!! I am excited to get to work here. We already have lots of great investigators!!! I am super limited on time... eep.

We are going to have a baptism in two weeks. It is the girlfriend of the Elders Quorum President. And then we have a few others planned out. We are working hard and loving working together. My comp is the best teacher in the world so it’s fantastic. I am learning so many things from him. It’s weird. Because we already knew each other and now we are like getting to know each other again, or better.

I do enjoy being a Zone Leader. We get to work closely with the President. On Friday we had a leadership counsel, and we planned basically all of the next three months. It was super awesome. The other ZL’s are super cool too. It’s so different from when I was a newbie.

We have 6 elders in the ward. HAHAHA. Six! What the heck? So many. It makes lunchtime so much fun. Seriously it’s a riot. If you want to laugh, invite 6 missionaries to eat in your house. The members love us because we are all just so funny. And super humble. I love it. I have never laughed so hard in a comida.

WHAT ELSE. I don’t remember. Oh yeah, I got to church late and didn’t partake of the sacrament and I was PEEVED because the member that took us to get an investigator got super lost and took so many wrong turns. We got there 17 minutes late. I was depressed. But it was for a good cause, right????

My house is absolutely TINY. But it is a pretty nice apartment. Just so small. We are looking into changing. But if not, it’s fine.

Tomorrow we have a Zone Training... PRESSURE. Hahahaha probably the only thing I don’t like about being a Zone Leader, is having to lead and train... HA. Super fitting, right? But it’ll be good. I already planned a super good lesson. It'll be daa bomb.

WELL I LOVE LIFE. The mission is great. I am considering staying until March. What should I do...? Would you be mad? But idk. I need to tell the Pres asap cause I have waited so long. I tried to receive revelation but it’s like not working or something. Maybe it just doesn’t matter.

The church is so true. Read your scriptures. Say your prayers, and be nice to EVERYONE.

PS- I was soo sick all week and still am a little bit. I couldn’t talk at all for 3 days straight and I still can’t sing. Imagine. I am an absolute mess.


Con Amor,
Elder Macdonald

the Zone Leaders

new ward with 6 elders!

Barbie the dog

MY NEW COMP. Elder R and I are back together!

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