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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Obedience and Old McDonald

So this week was FULL of so much stuff. 

We had to plan a special Zone Training out of the blue and do it on Friday. It turned out really well. We focused on how studying and planning can help us be better teachers. And then we did a fun activity about obedience. We blew up a bunch of balloons of all different colors and sent the missionaries in to gather as many as they could with only using their bodies. Haha it was hilarious. Everyone got super crazy and excited. It was like a bunch of children in a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. But when they came back into the room we explained to them what every color meant. Only two colors meant "exact obedience" and the other ones were like "wake up late" or "get home late"...etc... just simple disobedient stuff. And when we explained that they had been "disobedient" it was interesting cause they all felt really bad. We had a nice discussion about how we need to always make better decisions by being more aware and conscious of the consequences of our actions. It worked out pretty well. I think it was exactly what we all needed to hear. 

Then we did two divisions back to back. And it killed me. Hahah I honestly love working with other missionaries, it’s the best... BUT I WAS SO TIRED AND SICK THAT I DIDN’T want to do it. But When I did it I was happy because I learned lots of valuable things. 

Yeah, I am still sick. I am better. But still have a cough that kills all within a 10-mile radius. It was actually really cool because I just prayed to be able to sing in the baptism with my comp on Saturday. And I was able to sing the song, not too well, but I could at least sing all the notes. And it invited such a great spirit to the baptism. But then the next day I kept not being able to sing. Hahaha. So the Lord helps us when we really need it. The baptism was fantastic. Seriously. The spirit was so strong. Everyone at one point cried. I loved it. And even the investigators that came were crying. One lady came that has a brother on a mission. She isn’t a member. But she was reminded so much of her brother and what he is doing that she couldn’t hold back the tears. The spirit works in miraculous ways. 

Sunday we, the six missionaries, had to give a talk and sing a special musical number. Thanks Bishop #tenminutesbeforesacramentmeeting. Hahah. It worked out pretty well. We all talked about the gifts of the Holy Ghost... and of course, we applied it to missionary work. Duh. 

L. came to church. She loved it so much. Her son (2 years old) is named Mattias. And he fell in love with the teacher in the nursery and was blowing her kisses by the end. Hahaha - that made the mom super happy that her son loved church. She learned lots of stuff. They talked about the Word of Wisdom, and later in the week, she rejected the next time she was offered her coffee. What a great gal. She is progressing fantastically. 

L’s are the ones that got baptized. They are super happy and content. Her sister in law is a crazy lady member in another stake and whenever she saw me she would start dancing and sing OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM EY AY EY AY OHHH. Hahahaha. I was honestly about to shoot her cause I saw her literally all week ... in the lessons, in interviews, in baptisms, in confirmations and I was getting super annoyed. Hahahahahha LOST MY CHARITY. I know. But if you met her, you'd know what I mean. She is a great woman. Love her. But yeah - so the new converts are doing fantastic.

We had 4 or 5 investigators go on Saturday morning to the Visitor’s Center. They all loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it.

In other words- LOTS OF PROGRESS. This is a good and marvelous work. I love it. Can’t believe everyone is coming home. Still don’t know if I will ever come home, or at least when. (Oh, he’s coming home, says the mom)

LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH. My comp and I are doing great together. Best friends since birth. Literally - the mission birth. And we are working great together and doing great things and I think I just said that. I’m out of words. Literally. 

I can’t think of anything funny. WHAT WAS FUNYY?!?!? Nothing, my life is just normal. 

I might go to the doctor/hospital because I am dying with this cough. Still cant sing and it’s just about the most frustrating thing ever. I had patience for 3 weeks. But for 4 weeks? Ya no. I can’t do this. I might cut out my vocal cords, clean them out and put them back in the best I can.


Les amoooo muchismo,

Elder Macdonald

We made the ants angry.

The Jehovah Witness missionaries outside our window.

Baptism de las L.'s

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