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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Surprise baptism, he is finishing this marathon and ready for a new one

Hey family whatsssuuuuuup? It’s December. Weird, huh? 

We had a super surprise baptism. IT WAS AWESOME. Seriously, I loved it. So I will tell you all about it. This week we were caught by surprise when C. told us that she wasn’t smoking! She had 5 days without smoking. And we were like “THAT’S AWESOME AND AMAZING. Keep up the good work sister”. And then we were like... “wait, if you don’t smoke two more days, you will have a week without smoking”. And then we were like, “and in two days, it is going to be Saturday. And so you could totally get baptized on Saturday”. But, we didn’t want to promise anything because last time she didn’t pass her interview it was an absolute train wreck and disaster and the end of the world happened. So I was AFRAID. Dumb, because I didn’t have faith. But no, I totally did. I was just being a little bit more careful and realistic this time. So we were like “okay hermana, come to the church on Saturday in the morning and you will have you special interview with the President. We mentally prepared her for another NO. One, because she had a crazy past life. And two, because an angel woman that we were teaching didn’t pass her interview and so we just decided that nothing is for sure. So when she was in the interview the suspense was so high because the President’s Counselor had to talk to the President on the phone so she had to wait and we were mentally prepared for a no, but then he called us into his room together with her, and he decided that she was ready. He told her that throughout her life, she has been proven worthy by the fruits of her repentance. It was such a tender and sweet spirit that entered the room in that moment. She started crying in unbelief. She felt such a relief, KNOWING, that God had forgiven her of her sins. It was beautiful. So we were like.. “HECK YEAH, LET’S GET YOU BAPTIZED SISTER”. And she was like “I’m sooo down brothers”. So she ran home and told everyone. And I ran around like a headless chicken because the silly elders didn’t plan the baptism that they were already going to have that night. So I called like 500 people and assigned like 400 talks and like 450 canceled on me. But it all turned out wonderful. And the spirit truly testified that night that the atonement is infinite. 

Oh and I baptized her. She aint to little, just FYI. She didn’t even think I could do it so she made sure that my comp was dressed up to come in and help if it was necessary. Hahaha.... But guess what? I totally dunked her. And it was a great dunk - one of the best baptisms in my mission. And she was like “MACDONALDS (they all say Macdonald with an s like the restaurant) HOW DID YOU DO THAT
? I KNOW IT WASN’T YOU... IT WAS THE HOLY GHOST. I KNOW IT”. hAHAHAH. And I told her “NO I’M SUPER FUERTE (strong)”. And she just laughed and was like, “DONT TAKE GOD’S CREDIT”. Hahaha ouch. planched. So I am just glad that everyone thinks I’m too skinny to do anything right. PS - I am 6 foot with a quarter inch and I weigh 140 pounds. Pure muscle.

Miracles. There were another 2 people that were baptized that night. It was wonderful.

Then we started talking to everyone about El es la Dadiva. He is the Gift. I love Christmas. We are finding lots of great people. 

Today I had my last normal interview with the President. He was like..... “You're LEAVING US SOON”. And I was like. “Hey, thanks”. So we started talking about enduring to the end. Basically, if I am able to learn this principle here on the mission, I will be ready to put it in practice at home. I just need to keep on working. work work work. I LOVE WORKING. Work makes me happy. When I don’t work, I am bored and not happy. Entonces, I should just work. I am not worried about the details about getting home. It will all happen perfectly fine. I am just worried about bringing more souls unto Christ. I love this work. I am so grateful for the spirit that accompanies us as we partake in this work. SO he told me that anything could happen. He said that he prefers that missionaries don’t finish their last change as leaders. And so if it was up to him, he would change me. But he told me.... but I DONT KNOW WHAT THE LORD WANTS? So tomorrow he is going to do the changes. I am mentally preparing myself to leave. I would love to stay here with all of these amazing people for the Christmas holiday and to finish my mission here, but I will go where the Lord wants me to go. I am willing. This last change WILL be the best and MOST TIRING six weeks of my life. It is a freakin marathon. I am going to run it with all of the strength I have. whyyy?? Because I need to know I am capable of enduring to the end when life gets hard after the mission. I need to know my potential, because man, who knows what is going to happen. I am honored to have served this grand mission. The Lord trusts us so much to partake in such a delicate work. So that is my goal. I invite you all to keep me excited and spiritually uplifted to work, work, and work some more. Just a request. :)}

We are finding, teaching, and baptizing. I truly feel like a missionary. I know what I am doing. I am actually pretty darn good at it now.... hahahaha. KIDDING. I was joking. Don’t worry. My head isn’t too big. Just as normally big as it has always been... lol. But I just can’t believe that now that I have gotten the hang of it, it is my turn to go home. God truly does take us out of our comfort zones. That is what I have learned. Once we are comfortable, he has to shake things up so that we keep growing. Because if he doesn’t change our circumstances, we will stop growing. We will become complacent. And complacency is where the Devil is able to destroy us little by little. So when your comfortable life gets thrown up, just know it happens because He loves you so much to give you a push into what will make you better. God is wise. He knows more than us. It surprises me that I am still able to doubt his wise will. Trust in Him.

Well I love you all so much. Remember the true meaning of Christmas. I am so glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a bunch of intercambios and meetings and crazy stuff this week that didn’t even allow me to remember that it was turkey day. But man, I was sure grateful. So that’s all that matters. Just keeping inviting. We might have another surprise baptism this week. I have faith. lovin it.

Wait a second. Yesterday the L’s were soooo kind and celebrated my birthday a month early, in case of having changes. And man are they amazing. They made us SOOO MCUH FOOD AND BOUGHT ME A DELICIOUS CHEESECAKE WITH RASPBERRIES. YUMMM YUMMM. I have a video of them singing the birthday song in Spanish to me. So just know that everyone is treating your son with love. I felt super loved. That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Macdonald

Love them

Leadership counsel in the President's house. It's so nice.

Birthday shots

The awkward pink party hat

Cutting the birthday cake

L. pushed my head into the cake. It's apparently a Mexican thing that when you bite the cake, you push the person's head into it. hahaha loverly

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